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React.js Developer Master Course


₹ 5,700


2 Months

Course Overview

Module 1: Introduction to React.js (Weeks 1-2)

  • Understanding React.js fundamentals

  • Setting up a development environment

  • Components and Props

  • State and Lifecycle

  • Handling events and forms in React

Module 2: React Router and Navigation (Weeks 3-4)

  • Introduction to React Router

  • Navigation and routing in single-page applications

  • Nested routes and route parameters

  • Implementing navigation menus

Module 3: State Management with Redux (Weeks 5-6)

  • Introduction to state management

  • Flux architecture and the role of Redux

  • Actions, Reducers, and the Store in Redux

  • Connecting React components with Redux

Module 4: Building Dynamic UIs with Advanced React Concepts (Weeks 7-8)

  • Higher-Order Components (HOCs)

  • Render Props pattern

  • Hooks: useState, useEffect, useContext, etc.

  • Building reusable and efficient components

Capstone Project: Real-world Application Development (Throughout the Course)

  • Guided hands-on project applying concepts learned in each module

  • Building a dynamic and responsive web application with React.js

  • Weekly project checkpoints and feedback sessions

Course Features

  • Live interactive sessions with experienced instructors

  • Weekly coding assignments and projects

  • Peer collaboration through group projects

  • Q&A sessions and mentor support

  • Certificate of Completion upon successful course conclusion

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