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Back-End Web Developer


Job Type:

Part Time



About the Role

  • Server-Side Development: Implement server-side logic, database interactions, and application logic to ensure seamless data flow and efficient functionality.

  • Database Management: Design, develop, and maintain databases, ensuring data integrity and optimal performance. Proficiency in SQL or NoSQL databases is highly desirable.

  • API Integration: Collaborate with front-end developers to integrate user-facing elements with server-side logic, ensuring smooth communication between the user interface and the server.

  • Security Implementation: Implement security measures and data protection strategies to safeguard against potential threats and vulnerabilities.

  • Task-Oriented Weekly Assignments: Receive weekly assignments to enhance your back-end development skills. Engage in interactive mentor sessions to discuss tasks, address challenges, and explore effective implementation strategies.

  • Documentation: Maintain comprehensive documentation for code, databases, and project-related information to facilitate seamless collaboration and knowledge transfer.


  • Technical Skills:

    • Proficiency in server-side languages such as Node.js, Python, or Java.

    • Familiarity with database management systems (SQL, MongoDB, etc.).

    • Experience with RESTful API development.

  • Security Awareness: Understanding of web security principles and the ability to implement secure coding practices.

  • Collaborative Mindset: Ability to work collaboratively with front-end developers, designers, and other stakeholders to achieve project goals.

  • Analytical Thinking: Strong analytical and problem-solving skills to architect and implement efficient and scalable solutions.

  • Proactive Learning: Proactive attitude towards learning and the ability to take initiative in a dynamic and collaborative work environment.

Internship Procedure:

  1. Application: Submit your Application by clicking the "apply" button.

  2. Interview Process:

    • Conducted via Google Meet.

    • A casual interview focused on assessing your knowledge in your applied domain.

  3. Selected Interns:

    • Work closely with our team on Industry projects.

    • Receive guidance based on your skills and preferences.

  4. Post-Internship Benefits:

    • Certificate of Internship.

    • Certificate of Excellence [for those Interns who will perform well].

    • Guidance provided throughout the project.

    • Joint project report(s) for each completed project.


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